weather 24 linear at bird rock

36.621367° N -121.904215° W 10'/24 hr clock (Standard Time)


Solar - winter tops out at 500 W/m^2 and summer at 1000 W/m^2. A normal sunny day makes a nice bell shaped curve. Cloudy days can have all sorts of activity.

Temperature - very mild climate in Pacific Grove. Rarely goes below 30 or above 80, but during our 'summer' months of June and October we can get up to 100°F.

Wind speed and Direction - normal prevailing wind is from the north west. "Pineapple Express" storms come from the south west. Wind is usually strongest in the afternoon.

Air Pressure - a sudden drop indicates a front, often bringing a storm. Rising usually means clearing.

See also: NOAA Radar

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