BASIC - REQUIRED!     UPDATES [2004-2017]
Some training is transferable from main campus, see Chris, x216.
Awareness, common sense, not sleep deprived are 90% of safety.


ANIMAL TRAINING - required before all fish & amphibian work
      STARS: Animal Care and Use Program (VSC-PROG-0001)
      May 14th 2013 video by Stephanie Jensen on Fish and Frogs.

After doing Basic then do either IN LAB or IN OFFICE - required record to be filed in the lab safety binder for your lab/area. Your lab/area safety officer will do this training with you.

Why is safety training so boring?
- There are huge constraints on what MUST be covered in a training module. These standards are set by federal, state and local agencies.
We don't have the option of skipping them.

Chemical Safety Officers: you are responsible for in lab training, waste management, chemical inventory, quarterly inspections, yearly update topics
Animal Safety Officer: you are responsible for caring or ensuring care of animals used in your lab, If vertebrates, then there is a lot of paper work involved too
Radiation Safety Officer: - there are NO active rad licenses currently at Hopkins

BACK SAFETY - learn to lift the right way and avoid a life of back pain
BIOHAZARD - required of all people doing work with media for bacteria, viruses, etc.
CENTRIFUGE - not required, but look over to be sure you are being safe

CONFOCAL- training required before use, see Chris, x216
CRYOGENS - training required for all new users, online
DIVING & BOATING - - training required before use, see Freya, x245
ERGONOMICS - training required of all supervisors, STARS EHS-3400
HISTOLOGY - required before use of this room, see Chris, x216
RADIATION- training required before use, see Chris, x216
SHOP - training required before use, see John, x231

See also, Videos

Web based training from Stanford's EH&S through STARS:

Animal Care and Use Program: VSC-PROG-0001
Bloodborne Pathogens : EHS-PROG-1600 Biosafety : EHS-1500
Chemical Safety for Laboratories : EHS-1900
Compressed Gas Safety : EHS-2200
DOT: Shipping Biological Goods or Dry Ice : EHS-PROG-2700
Ergonomics- Computer Workstation : EHS-3400
Excepted Quantities : EHS-PROG-2650
General Safety, Injury Prevention (IIPP), and Emergency Preparedness : EHS-4200
Laser Safety Training : EHS-4820
Life Sciences Research Laboratory Safety Training : EHS-4875
Supervisor Health and Safety Responsibilities : EHS-5400
Working Safely Near Radioactive Materials : EHS-5275

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