Tank Space & Tag

Check your tanks at least once per day.
You must have permission to use space & permits to collect plants/animals.
You must have an up to date tank tag in place.



TANK SPACE - ask if you have questions

1) You must have a scientific collecting permit for the species you wish to hold, or have purchased them from an institution that does have a permit. Permits are for individuals NOT labs.

2) Permission needed from Chris for research space in the Aquaria facility
or Freya for undergrad work in the Boatworks tanks.
- DeNault is ONLY for Somero and Gilly labs.
- Blinks is ONLY for Palumbi lab.
- Agassiz is ONLY for DeTomaso and undergrads.

3) You MUST have a laminated tag above your tank or trough. See below.

4) Vertebrates: you MUST have an APPROVED APLAC protocol for vertebrate animals BEFORE work begins.
    You MUST have completed Animal training BEFORE work begins for vertebrates.

TANK RULES - ask if you have questions

1) No tag = no space - we will dismantle anything without a tag.
    Do not use space not assigned to you, even if it is empty.
    You are responsible for ANYTHING that occurs in your space.

2) Dead or Abused Animals - we will dismantle anything set up without asking
    anyone, EVEN IF YOU HAVE A TAG.

3) Set up water supply as to not spray or drip on concrete floor. Ask for help, x216.

4) Conserve water. It is not infinite.
     You do not need to have a river like flow.
     You do need to check your tanks regularly.


6) NATIVES ONLY - State Law.
    Non-natives MUST go into a closed recirculating tank. 
    A native is one idiginous to Monterey Bay and collected in California.

7) NO CHEMICALS - no bleach, detergent, NOTHING BUT SEAWATER can be used to clean tanks.

8) NO ELECTRICAL - that has not gone through Judy and John Lee.
     Seawater + 110VAC = DEATH!

9) CHECK TANKS AT LEAST DAILY! Better yet, check them when you come in and when you leave. The Monterey Bay Aquarium does this and they still have occassional failures. Doing it once a week means sooner rather than later your tank will be a dead zone.

10) STUFF HAPPENS - Have a backup plan. Computers crash, seawater systems crash, critters die.

Get a Tank Tag: While at Hopkins (will not work off campus), Fill this in and submit. Chris will create the tag for you.

You do not have access from your current location.

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