biohazards only Bio level 1 at HMS
chem haz - know BEFORE you use
  non-haz chem - not everything is haz
comp gas - how to use & store safely
construction - ask Judy FIRST
crime stats - we are not immune
cryogens - frostbite & asphyxiation
earthquakes - welcome to California
electrical - check it out BEFORE using
ergonomics - frequency & duration
fire safety - most of our world can burn
ladders - gravity is a bummer
lasers - class 1-4 present at HMS
lifting - do it right & get help
office - evils lurk here too
radiological - no active licenses at HMS
sharps - lots of sharp stuff around
shops - lots of sharps, powered tools, etc.
space heaters - never use ext. cord
waste - less than 6 months, label properly

More than chemicals are hazardous.
More than labs contain dangers.
Know the materials you are working with!

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