academic calendar - SU link
collaborative resources - software mentioned at Julia's talk
computers - the ins and outs of computer use at Hopkins
confocal - resources for APPROVED confocal users
copyright - the rules about copyright that pertain to your work at Stanford
course help - links to bio, es, eng for information about courses and majors
holidays - Stanford University holidays
hmsgso - the HMS graduate student guide to being at Hopkins
Information about how to get your ID card
internet media - Lab, Hopkins, Stanford and News sites, and related social media
lab websites - just the main website for each active lab
miller library - library website, searchworks, ejournals, etc.
posters - we have a poster printer, how to prepare materials, lag times, etc.
projectors - information about classroom and Boat Works projector
recycle - please recycle where you can
reimbursements - not trivial at Stanford. Good idea to read this BEFORE going on a trip
seminar dvds - complete list of seminar DVDs stored in the Library. 2016 has links to on-line videos stored on this site.
shipping - help with common shipping situations
thesis defenses - for the Biology Department (including Hopkins)
video conferencing - the new Stanford standard is Zoom
websites -  how to host and build a website at Stanford

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