EHS-1500-WEB course in Stars to use biohaz materials.
Bio Level 1 unless additional permits obtained.
Barbara, x224, handles the biohaz waste.


NO media will be autoclaved for any individual who is not
bacteria biohazard trained bacteria

The biohazardous materials at Hopkins are BIO LEVEL 1.        See: Biosafety Manual

    Most of the labs do rDNA  with E. coli bacteria. Minimal risk using these materials.

biohazard pailBiohazardous Waste:

  1. DO NOT OVER FILL! Cannot exceed 14 lbs.
  2. Must be in Hopkins approved 5 gallon biohazard pails.
  3. Label with contents type and lab (rDNA, cDNA, bacterial, BL-1, etc.)(Block, Palumbi, etc.).


You can not be authorized to use the autoclave.

Leave material to be autoclaved with Barbara Compton and she will take care of it.

- You need additional training to handle ANY biohazardous material.
- This includes ALL bacteria and viral cultures even if normally not infectious.

If you have any questions, call Barbara, x224 or Chris x216.

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